As technology grows to focus more on speed, mobility, and big data, the value of  sturdy and portable energy is unwaveringly on the rise. The noticeable buzz in the  battery manufacturing industry is lithium-ion technology. Presently, lithiumion batteries are the popular source of energy in numerous daily use products such as  cell phones, laptops, power tools and even automobiles.

These rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are rapidly getting accepted as an energy  option for small and large cleaning devices due to their numerous benefits. The five  principal advantages of a li-ion battery include longevity, loading speed, and  enhanced safety, ease of charging and easy maintenance.

The adoption of lithium-ion batteries has risen significantly in the present times. This  is because Li-ion batteries endure for a long time, hold a high power frequency and  are affordable to manufacture. Lithium-ion battery advantages include its  rechargeable and highly portable nature.

This is the reason why they get frequently employed for electric vehicles. However,  just like every other technology, lithium-ion batteries have their share of advantages  and disadvantages.

Mentioned here under are some lithium-ion battery advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Lithium-ion Battery


As Lithium-Ion batteries have remained in existence for a long time, the cost of  producing this battery has diminished significantly. Also, it is much more economical  to implement a lithium-ion battery for a transportable device as these are promptly  available and cost enormously less. High power density

High power density is another principal benefit of lithium-ion battery technology. With  electric devices such as mobile phones demanding to run longer between charges  while still using more power, there is forever a requirement for batteries that hold a  higher power density.

Easy maintenance

Lithium-ion batteries are simple to sustain and take care of as they do not need  multiple complicated processes for maintenance. Apart from this, neither there is  much investment or much effort necessitated in maintaining these lithium-ion  batteries.

Continuous voltage

Another advantage of lithium-ion batteries is that they are competent in keeping a  steady voltage. No matter how heavy the usage or load is, a lithium-ion battery will  successfully retain the voltage fixed. This is because the voltage generated by every  lithium-ion cell is approximately 3.6 volts which is pretty higher than its other  substitutes.

Variety of models available

There are numerous kinds of lithium-ion cells available in the market nowadays. This  benefit of lithium-ion batteries indicates that the appropriate technology can get  utilized for the distinct purpose required.

Some kinds of lithium-ion batteries present a high power density and are perfect for  customer mobile electronic devices. Other models of li-ion batteries can render much  higher power levels and are excellent for energy tools and electric carriers.

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Higher Battery Life

Lithium-ion batteries usually last for an extended time when compared to most of the  other battery models. These lithium-ion batteries can last for around two to three  years or 300-500 charge periods.

Disadvantages of lithium-ion Battery

Requires higher protection

Lithium-ion batteries are not as sturdy as other kinds of rechargeable technologies.

They need protection from getting overcharged and discharged to a great extent. Apart from this, lithium-ion batteries require maintenance within safe limits.

Hence, to maintain these safe limits, every lithium-ion battery demands protection  circuitry that is a significant disadvantage.

Performance declines with time

Even though the lithium-ion battery life is long-lasting, it never remains the same  throughout its lifespan. Also, the effectiveness and performance of lithium-ion  batteries tend to decrease as time passes. In addition to this, lithium-ion batteries  can also reduce their performance whether they are in use or not. Notwithstanding  the usage, there is also a time-related factor to the decline in capacity.

Highly fragile

Lithium-ion batteries are not fitting for pretty severe usages as they do not hold much  sturdy technology. Since Li-ion batteries have liquid polymerized electrolytes inside,  these batteries can become perforated quickly with minimum force. Difficult transportation

This lithium-ion battery disadvantage has come to the force in modern years. Many  airlines restrict the intake of lithium-ion batteries, and hence their freight is limited to  ships. Also, for air passengers, these lithium-ion batteries usually require to stay in  carry-on baggage.

Although with the safety position, this may vary from time to time. However, the  number of batteries remains limited and this is what is the most prominent  disadvantage of lithium-ion batteries.

Not safe at higher temperatures

Another principal disadvantage of lithium-ion batteries is that they are not safe to use  at higher temperatures. Also, in the case of smartphones that overheat, li-ion  batteries can become explosive and catch fire. Even though electronic controllers get  used to regulating the temperature, these batteries are pretty unsafe to use in  transportable devices.

How are Lithium Batteries Different from  Lithium-ion?

Lithium and lithium-ion batteries are both amazingly beneficial and make huge  augmentations to people’s everyday lives. Their employment is continuous from  lifesaving pharmaceutical technology to remote-operated toy cars, and hence it gets  difficult to envision an up-to-date world without them.

Both these kinds of batteries present portable power, and they strive to render  energy to a harmonious electric circuit no matter where a person is. The difference  between lithium and lithium-ion batteries is that lithium is a primary cell and hence  not rechargeable.

On the other hand, lithium-ion batteries are secondary cells and can get recharged.  In addition to this, Lithium batteries possess a service life up to four times higher  than lithium-ion batteries and are also enormously affordable and easier to  manufacture.

The bottom line

After looking at all the benefits above, it becomes evident that Lithium-ion batteries  are the most favored battery option in present times and many top players  manufacture these li-ion batteries for various purposes.

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