One of the most important factors driving up demand for Lithium-Ion batteries is the growing popularity of electric cars. Growing EV sales across the country, particularly in the 2- and 3-wheeler segments, have boosted demand. The advantages of lithium batteries over lead-acid batteries have shifted the use of these batteries. We must first examine the top Lithium-ion battery manufacturers. Since the battery pack is the most expensive component in an electric car, costing between 30 and 40 per cent of the vehicle’s total cost. To reduce reliance on oil and stimulate the use of electric cars, the government intended to offer $4.6 billion in incentives to firms who build sophisticated battery production facilities in 2020. The telecom category is projected to see a significant increase in demand throughout the projection period, based on industry. Telecom service providers searching for ecologically clean and sustainable alternatives to power telecom towers and other services are driving demand for lithium-ion battery-based solutions. Let’s look at some of the

Top Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturers in India.

1) Waaree ESS

Waaree Energy Storage System [WESS] is India’s largest vertically integrated solar power firm as well as a prominent battery brand. They create the best solar batteries in India, especially for EVs, grid/power plant backup, solar street lighting, and other applications, thanks to their new li-ion battery production factory. All of their batteries are certified to global standards, assuring the highest level of customer satisfaction across the world.

2) Euclion Energy Private Limited

Euclion Energy, which was founded in 2000, has established itself as one of India’s leading Lithium Battery providers. The provider is one of the top sellers of the items on the list. Euclion Energy is on Trade India’s list of verified merchants that offer high-quality High-Grade Lithium-ion Batteries and other products. For the finest quality products and services, buy Lithium Batteries in bulk from us.

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3) Bharat Power Solutions

Lithium-Ion Batteries, Custom Battery Packs, Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery, LiFePO4 Battery Pack, Li-Polymer Battery Pack, Nicd Battery Pack, Ni MH Battery Pack, and others are among the products they provide. This collection is made with top-of-the-line materials and cutting-edge machinery following industry standards.

4) Karacus Energy Pvt Ltd

In the technological sector, Karacus is a globally renowned brand. Karacus Energy Pvt Ltd is a division of the Karacus group that operates as a competent manufacturer and solutions supplier specializing in lithium battery technology to meet the growing need for clean, high-efficiency energy for solar energy systems and electric cars.

5) Telemax India Industries Private Limited

Telemax India Ind. Pvt Ltd is pleased to present itself as one of India’s top Lithium Battery Pack manufacturers and wholesalers. They have received commendable global recognition for our high-quality standards. Lithium-Ion battery pack, Nickel Cadmium battery, Nickel Metal Hydride battery, and smart battery pack are among their many goods.

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Different Types of Batteries

AA, AAA, and automobile batteries are just a few of the many varieties of batteries available. In reality, battery technology is growing at a breakneck pace. Learn about the different types of battery categories and what each one accomplishes (i.e. what they power and how). Batteries come in a variety of sizes, forms, models, and purposes today, each of which changes based on the type of battery. We’ll go through the many sorts of batteries to help you understand how they differ from one another.

  • Alkaline batteries

The chemical interaction between zinc metal and manganese dioxide provides energy to this sort of battery system, which is one of the most fundamental. Alkaline batteries have a higher energy density and a longer life than other batteries, such as zinc-carbon or zinc chloride batteries. Unlike carbon-zinc batteries, alkaline batteries have a constant voltage that gives superior power density and leak protection.

  • Lithium batteries

These main batteries, often known as lithium rechargeable batteries, have a metallic lithium anode. They are commonly used nowadays to power gadgets including MP3 players, vehicle locks, thermometers, lasers, and hearing aids, and they are easily available. They differ from conventional batteries in that they have a high charge density and a significant unit price.

  • Mercury

Mercury battery, commonly referred to as mercuric oxide battery or mercury cell, is a non-rechargeable electrolytic battery that may last up to ten years. Chemical interaction between zinc electrodes and mercuric oxide in alkaline electrolytes power this tiny battery. Read more: Top 5 Manufacturers of Lithium Ion Batteries in the World They’re common in portable electronic gadgets like watches, calculators, toys, cameras, and digital thermometers, among other things. Mercury cells have a button-like form and size, making them extremely handy and easy to transport.

  • Zinc-air battery

Zinc-air batteries, also known as zinc-air fuel cells, are metal-air devices that work with oxygen and oxidizing zinc. These batteries have a high energy density and are inexpensive to manufacture. These batteries are available in a variety of sizes and at a reasonable price.

Lithium-ion battery price in India

One of the most significant problems that are expected to stifle market demand is the lithium-ion battery price in India. The significant capital investment associated with their manufacture makes these batteries expensive. Furthermore, the reliance on other nations for essential components utilized in the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries is a significant commercial problem. The Lithium-Ion battery sector in India is divided into four categories: battery type, voltage, power capacity, and industry. A lithium battery’s cost is expressed in kWh. A 1 kWh battery costs 25,000 at the moment, and it has an 80 Ah/12.8 Volt rating.

Lithium-ion battery price in India 2023

Capacity (Watt per hour) Total price
6 Ah / 75 Wh 1,875
12 Ah / 150 Wh 3,750
20 Ah / 250 Wh 6,250
30 Ah / 385 Wh 9,625
40 Ah / 500 Wh 12,500
80 Ah / 1000 Wh 25,000
80 Ah / 2000 Wh 50,000


The earliest Lithium battery technology is Lithium-ion, followed by Lithium Phosphate, which is highly common in storage, and Lithium polymer, which is the most technologically sophisticated battery. Here is the price range for lithium batteries in India in 2021, broken down by battery type.

Battery Technology Min. Price Max. Price
Lithium-ion Rs. 2,250/ piece Rs. 15,0000 / piece
Lithium Phosphate Rs. 3,750/ piece Rs. 25,0000 / piece
Lithium Polymer Rs. 7,500/ piece Rs. 50,0000 / piece


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