Careers At Waaree ESS


We encourage our people to think innovatively in all that we do. Our people challenge the conventional way of doing business at every point. Where others see problems, we see opportunities.

Driving Positive Change: We strive to create a lasting, positive change in the lives of the customers and communities we serve. This we do through our people – the agents of change who work to make the world a better place.

Celebrate Out-Performance: We make it a priority to recognize performance and announce to everyone the value the employees bring.
Transparency: We strongly believe in the philosophy of transparency so that every team member feels they know where they stand, where the company is headed, and in general they feel “in the loop”.

Job Openings

Designation – Manager

Department – Sales ( Lithium-Ion Battery)

Experience – 6 years to 8 years

Salary – 6 lacs to 9 lacs

Requirement – 3

Education – BE/ MBA .

Joining – 15 Days

Location – Delhi / Pune / Bangalore


Job Location: Surat


Contact no: +91 7211161575


Happy employees are productive employees and they also may be safer, record fewer absences, have fewer work-related conflicts and more likely to remain with the company. Waaree believe in providing our people with safe and comfortable working environment and encourage them for work life balance.

Continuous Improvement By Measuring Employee Satisfaction: We stand by our HR Motto “Employees are the future of the company. Employees first”. We seek continuous feedback by capturing viewpoints of each and every employee pertaining to their work, managers, career, policies, organization, culture, environment, trust and communication. The feedback collected through this survey is utilized in developing initiatives which will strengthen us in each of those areas. “Meet your HR” helps us to interact with all employees and helps us to serve them better