Li – ion batteries for forklifts

Li – ion batteries for forklifts

Lithium-ion batteries are bound to revolutionize the world of the material handling and construction equipment by the magnitude of the benefits they offer in comparison to their lead acid counterparts.


  • The client was using lead acid battery of 330 Ah capacity to power its
  • The battery took 8 hours to charge
  • However, the charge lasted just one shift. Hence, two numbers of vented tubular lead acid batteries were being used in each of the
  • The life cycle of the batteries was around 1,200 at 80%
  • The changeover of the battery after every shift was a big The discharged battery of 850 kg must be taken out from the forklift and replaced by a new charged battery. There were instances of electrolyte spill over during changeover.
  • Frequent maintenance included topping up of electrolyte and equalizing charge once in 7
  • Weight of the battery was 850 kg, and the forklift was designed for counterbalancing the load of the


  • We designed, manufactured, and supplied 72V, 320 Ah LFP
  • The forklift is now powered by just one
  • The battery requires just 3 hours of charge
  • Zero maintenance
  • Smart battery managed by smart BMS that offers cell balancing and other protection functions like over voltage, under voltage, overload, temperature control and short
  • The lithium-ion battery is having more energy density and volumetric density than the lead acid Hence, the new battery is light weight and less voluminous.
  • Equipped with IOT technology and hence can be monitored on smart phone and
  • Total cost of ownership is lower in LIB say by less than 50%.


Our batteries can offer similar advantages in case of tow trucks and low platform (low speed) trucks.



LYNX series is Lithium Iron phosphate battery developed for electric vehicles. LYNX series LiFePO4 battery extra-long cycle life, special in partial state of charge cycle, significantly faster recharge rates and large current performance. LYNX series is mainly designed for Electric Vehicles, Traction system.

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