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WAAREE ESS offers Customized lithium batteries for electric mobility application. WAAREE ESS Electric mobility lithium batteries have highly optimized product design to meet the harsh requirements of diverse EV application scenarios. Our electric mobility lithium batteries have excellent C-rate & high power density for all electric mobility needs. Our electric mobility lithium batteries are designed to meet high initial torque required in an electric vehicle & also provides pleasant and smooth ride. Our Lithium batteries last long cyclic life with highest level of safety.

WAAREE ESS Lithium batteries comes with pre-integrated & factory tested smart battery management system (BMS) equipped with all battery and cell level protections. Exclusive features such as telemetry & advance communication protocols (CAN/MODBUS/TCP-IP) allows our lithium batteries to communicate to external world of controllers & work them in synergy resulting highly efficient & optimized utilization.

 Exclusive Features of WAAREE Battery Management System (BMS)  Battery Management System (BMS) Protections
  • High C-Rate BMS for electric mobility solutions
  • CAN/MODBUS/TCT-IP communication Interface to real world
  • Ultra-low self-consumption Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Smart passive cell balancing with integrated FETs
  • Intelligent & optimized control algorithms
  • Over voltage protection
  • Under Voltage protection
  • Over current protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Temperature range protection


Model Nominal Voltage (V) Nominal Capacity (Ah) Nominal Energy Rating (WH) Cell Chemistry Cell Type
WB128005LS 12.8 5 64 LiFePO4 Cylindrical
WB128006LS 12.8 6 76.8 LiFePO4 Cylindrical
WB128010LS 12.8 10 128 LiFePO4 Cylindrical
WB128012LS 12.8 12 153.6 LiFePO4 Cylindrical
WB128015LS 12.8 15 192 LiFePO4 Cylindrical
WB128018LS 12.8 18 230.4 LiFePO4 Cylindrical
WB128020LS 12.8 20 256 LiFePO4 Cylindrical
WB128024LS 12.8 24 307.2 LiFePO4 Cylindrical
WB128025LS 12.8 25 320 LiFePO4 Cylindrical
WB128030LS 12.8 30 384 LiFePO4 Cylindrical
WB128035LS 12.8 35 448 LiFePO4 Cylindrical
WB128036LS 12.8 36 460.8 LiFePO4 Cylindrical
WB128040LS 12.8 40 512 LiFePO4 Cylindrical
WB128042LS 12.8 42 537.6 LiFePO4 Cylindrical