The most common problem people face in cities is the problem of commuting. It requires traveling 5-10 km daily to reach their destination, and since the Covid-19 era, people prefer to travel alone.

A good idea for this is an electric cycle, as it’s in trend nowadays. Also, solar power is rising in India as the country requires a pollution-free environment. The electric cycle price is significantly less than conventional bikes and cars, so it will be very beneficial for you to commute through them.

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What is the meaning of an electric vehicle?

An electric vehicle is a vehicle that is run through a battery. Due to its anti-polluting aspects and green certificates, the technology has been facilitated worldwide. However, it has a lot of benefits. One of the main benefits that surpass all the other benefits is that battery cycle price is way lesser than conventional vehicles. Also, the governments of most countries are trying to launch this vehicle to reduce carbon emissions and reduce pollution.

Benefits of electric vehicle

  • Saving money

Travel through electric vehicles is preferred as the electric cycle price in India is much less than conventional vehicles. This is because electric vehicles do not need fuel or gas to power them as it requires only to be plugged in and ready to go another 100 miles.

  • Freedom of petrol pump

The electric vehicle is simple to recharge, and you will no longer be required to go to the fuel station to get your car filled before traveling. You just need a regular household socket for charging an electric car.

  • Freedom from license

You do not require a pollution certificate for electric bicycles in India as these are known for their environmentally friendly nature.

  • Eco-friendly

The substantial and the best reason to use an electric vehicle is that it is environmentally friendly. They do not discharge fierce gasses that lead to air pollution as against traditional vehicles.

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Demerits of electric vehicle

  • Lack of charging stations

As it has been mentioned that one of the significant benefits of having an electric vehicle is that it saves them money on petrol or diesel. However, there is a lack of charging stations in India, and the existing charging stations of electric bicycles in India and other electric vehicles are not appropriate. If you buy an electric bicycle in India, it will make no sense unless there is a charging station in your area. To promote the sale of these vehicles, it is first essential to facilitate an ample number of charging stations.

  • Expensive

The electric cycle price in India is very high. Purchasing an electric vehicle is still expensive in India. However, many conventional bikes and cars are available in the market with different price options. But electric vehicles don’t offer such options, and the decent ones are priced very high.

  • Lack of power and reduced range

Conventional cars deliver better acceleration when compared to electric vehicles. Electric cars do not provide much speed and range, so the customers hesitate to take these vehicles for long journeys.

Which type of battery is used in electric vehicles?

Lead Acid, VLSR, and Lithium batteries are the three types of batteries available in the market. One of the leading benefits of lithium-ion batteries is that they are compact and portable. This characteristic makes it suitable for use in electric vehicles. That is why lithium batteries are commonly used in electric vehicles. The capacity of a lithium battery is established on speed and distance, and the voltage range of a battery relies on its motor capability.

Lithium batteries are progressing in rapid momentum as they are discovering heightened application in electric vehicles and for power backups in renewable energy operations. It also has increased energy density and electrochemical potential and is a low-maintenance battery with less self-discharge.

An electric bicycle in India uses a lithium-ion battery with a speed range of 25 km/hr. It also has a controller in-built into the battery, and the charging time is 4 hours and has a maximum power of 250W. Also, it gives you a warranty of 24 months on electronic parts like batteries, motor, controller, charger, display, sensor, and throttle.

Lithium-ion batteries

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Electric Cycle Price in India

The cost of the bicycle in India starts from Rs. 21,000 to 32,000. An electric scooty uses a lithium-ion battery with a speed of 45 km/hr. It also has a controller in-built in the battery and takes 4-5 hours for charging, and has a maximum power of 250W. It also comes with a warranty of 24 months for electronic parts like battery, motor, controller, charger display, sensor, and throttle.

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The role of the solar system in electric vehicles

The use of solar energy to stock power for restoring electric vehicles can revolutionize the entire industry and make its sale quicker as currently, we do not have a sufficient number of electric charging stations. Also, the electric cycle prices in India should be regulated by the government. The storing of power through solar panels in battery banks and the national grid can be done through net meters, and then we can charge our electric vehicles.

solar system in electric vehicles

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The Indian government has recently awakened to electric vehicles’ capability and has established a high-powered commission to boost the adoption of electric vehicles in India. The battery cycle price will plunge with decreased battery costs and an expanding scale. However, one of the largest obstacles in driving an electric vehicle is the lack of electric vehicle charging stations required to power the car, just as petrol or diesel is needed to fuel regular cars. The government needs to work on this to enhance the future of electric vehicles in India.

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